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Sam Gagner scores two goals in his first game back with the Edmonton Oilers

During the Edmonton Oilers’ game versus the Dallas Stars, the home team found themselves in a 4–1 deficit with half a period to go. The Oilers needed to score at least three goals to bring the game to a tie, and they needed to find offence fast.

While the game is still ongoing at the time of writing, the Oilers got their second goal of the game from none other than the returning Sam Gagner.

Sam Gagner scores twice for the Oilers

This is technically Gagner’s third first goal with Edmonton. His very first goal with the Oilers came over 16 years ago back on October 20, 2007. His second first goal with the Oilers came on November 24, 2018.

His third first goal for the Oilers came tonight, November 2, 2023. A three-goal deficit turned into a much closer game courtesy of Gagner. Then Gagner went ahead and also scored his second of the game to bring the Oilers to within one goal.

He sparked a comeback and the Oilers were relentless to close out the game. Unfortunately, the Oilers couldn’t find the game-tying goal as fiercely as they tried, and they ultimately fell to the Stars.

The team didn’t get the outcome they were looking for, but you can’t ask for a much better return than that for Gagner—other than maybe scoring eight points in the game. But maybe that’s just asking for too much.

Gagner finished the night with five shots, three hits, has a plus-two rating, had a strong 83.3% faceoff win percentage, and of course had the two goals to his name. All this in exactly 13:00 of ice time.

A return to remember

Gagner has had quite the journeyman career, featuring on seven different teams, fighting through injuries, and still playing the game he loves. Now, he’s looking like he may just be finding a resurgence with the Oilers as a 34-year-old NHL veteran.

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