The Oil Rig is a hockey website, focused on providing critical analysis on trends and stats for the Edmonton Oilers and NHL.

Part of the Win Column Sports and Entertainment Network, the Oil Rig is based in Alberta with the core writing team located in Edmonton. Like The Win Column which covers the Calgary Flames, The Oil Rig is dedicated to providing unique, engaging content for hockey fans, primarily for the Edmonton Oilers.

The Oil Rig is also the second iteration of the longstanding Oilers blog, The Oilers Rig. Read more about this partnership here.

For all things Oilers, you can find it at The Oil Rig.

The Oil Rig Team

Layne Whatmore

Vancouver, BC

Gregory Babinski

Toronto, ON

Megan Fowler

Edmonton, AB

Avry Lewis-McDougall

Edmonton, AB

Alex Thomas

Hartford, CT

Michelle Nguyen

Edmonton, AB

Faiz-Ali Virji

Edmonton, AB

Steven Stauffer

Edmonton, AB

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