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Edmonton Oilers announce rookie camp roster

The Edmonton Oilers have announced their roster for the 2023 Young Stars Classic Tournament in Pentiction this weekend.

This year’s tournament will feature teams from the Winnipeg Jets, Vancouver Canucks, Calgary Flames, and, of course, the Edmonton Oilers.

Games begin on Friday with Edmonton taking on Winnipeg at 5 p.m. MTN. The battle of Alberta will take place in on Saturday night at 8 p.m. MTN while they finish off the tournament on Monday with a game against Vancouver at 3:30 p.m. MTN.

Headlining this year’s roster will be 2021 first-round pick Xavier Bourgault and 2023 second-round pick Beau Akey. Other names to keep an eye on include Matvei Petrov, Jake Chaisson, Jayden Grubbe, and Maximus Wanner.

Here is the full list of players expected to suit up for the Oilers:


  • Carl Berglund
  • Xavier Bourgault
  • Jake Chaisson
  • Ethan De Jong
  • Jayden Grubbe
  • Ture Linden
  • Preston Lounsbury
  • Matvei Petrov
  • Carter Savoie
  • Jake Sloan
  • Brady Stonehouse
  • Tyler Tullio
  • Antonin Verreault
  • Cameron Wright


  • Beau Akey
  • Xavier Bernard
  • Noah Ganske
  • Jake Johnson
  • Nate Misskey
  • Josh Van Mulligen
  • Noah Van Vliet
  • Maximus Wanner


  • Zachary Bowen
  • Nathan Day
  • Joey Rocha

Fans will be able to stream each game but will have to have a subscription to the team’s Oilers Plus subscription service to do so.

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