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A breakdown of the Edmonton Oilers 2023–24 schedule

The full Edmonton Oilers schedule is now out, in addition to the national TV broadcasts for the US and Canadian markets. With the team back in town for Captain’s skates that have had near perfect attendance, Oilers fans are eagerly looking forward to the start of the season.

Young Stars Classic

The first chance fans will get a chance to see the Oilers jersey in action will come Friday, when the Oilers prospects will head to Penticton for the annual Young Stars Classic. Here’s how the schedule will breakdown.

DateTime (MT)OpponentTV Network
Friday, September 154:45 PMOilers Prospects vs WinnipegOilers+
Saturday, September 168:15 PMOilers Prospects vs CalgaryOilers+
Monday, September 183:15 PMOilers Prospects vs VancouverOilers+

The Oilers will play all three other Western Canadian teams, including afternoon games on Friday and Monday while they’ll have a late night date with the Calgary Flames on Saturday evening.

Preseason schedule

The first appearances for the Oilers regulars (mixed in with PTOs) will come in the preseason, where the OIlers will play the max eight games in home and home sets, starting on September 24.

DateTime (MT)OpponentTV Network
Sunday, September 244:00 PMvs. WinnipegOilers+*
Monday, September 256:00 PM@ WinnipegOilers+*
Wednesday, September 277:00 PMvs. VancouverSN1/SN360/TVAS
Friday, September 297:00 PM@ CalgaryOilers+*
Saturday, September 307:00 PM@ VancouverSNW/SNP/SN1
Monday, October 28:00 PM@ SeattleOilers+*
Wednesday, October 47:00 PMvs. CalgaryOilers+*
Friday, October 67:00 PMvs. SeattleOilers+*
*Based on projected streaming schedule

The Oilers schedule starts with an afternoon game against the Winnipeg Jets at home, followed by a visit to Manitoba. The next six games see visits to and from Vancouver, Calgary, and Seattle. There are two games that will have national broadcasts, while the rest should be available through some sort of stream. Last year, the Oilers streamed the untelevised games on Youtube, but based on the addition of Oilers+ and the service now hosting the prospects games, I’d assume the other preseason games will also be shown there.

Regular season begins

The Oilers open their regular season on October 11 in Vancouver. Here’s the rest of the month’s schedule:

DateTimeOpponentTV Network
Wednesday, October 118:00 PM@ VancouverSN
Saturday, October 148:00 PMvs. VancouverSN/HNIC
Tuesday, October 176:00 PM@ NashvilleSNW
Thursday, October 195:30 PM@ PhiladelphiaSNW/ESPN+/Hulu
Saturday, October 218:00 PMvs. WinnipegSN/HNIC/TVAS
Tuesday, October 247:00 PM@ MinnesotaSNW
Thursday, October 267:00 PMvs. New York RangersSNW/TVAS
Sunday, October 29*5:00 PMvs. CalgaryHNIC/SN/TVAS
*Heritage Classic at Commonwealth Stadium

October sees two Hockey Night in Canada games at home against Canadian opponents. The Oilers also have some early starts when they venture east, including a US nationally televised game against the Philadelphia Flyers, where Edmonton products Stuart Skinner and Carter Hart will go head-to-head. The month is capped by the Heritage Classic against Calgary, where puck drop will be determined by the outdoor conditions at Commonwealth Stadium.

What to expect until the end of 2023

November has three matinees: two on Saturdays along with one on Black Friday. The Oilers have some rare 6:30 home starts against the New York Islanders and Seattle Kraken mid-month during national broadcasts.

DateTime (MT)OpponentTV Network
Thursday, November 27:00 PMvs. DallasSNW
Saturday, November 41:00 PMvs. NashvilleSNW
Monday, November 68:00 PM@ VancouverSNW/TVAS
Thursday, November 98:30 PM@ San JoseSNW/ESPN+/Hulu
Saturday, November 118:00 PM@ SeattleSN/HNIC/TVAS
Monday, November 136:30 PMvs. New York IslandersSN/TVAS
Wednesday, November 156:30 PMvs. SeattleSN
Saturday, November 182:00 PM@ Tampa BaySNW
Monday, November 205:00 PM@ FloridaSN
Wednesday, November 225:00 PM@ CarolinaSN
Friday, November 241:00 PM@ WashingtonSNW
Sunday, November 267:00 PMvs. AnaheimSNW
Tuesday, November 287:00 PMvs. Las VegasSNW/TVAS
Thursday, November 306:00 PM@ WinnipegSNW

The Oilers play 12 games in the final month of 2023. Hers’s how the December schedule breaks out:

Wednesday, December 67:30 PMvs. CarolinaSNW/TVAS/TNT
Friday, December 87:00 PMvs. MinnesotaSNW/TVAS
Sunday, December 102:00 PMvs. New JerseySNW/TVAS
Tuesday, December 128:00 PMvs. ChicagoSNW/TVAS/ESPN
Thursday, December 147:00 PMvs. Tampa BaySNW
Saturday, December 168:00 PMvs. FloridaSN/HNIC/TVAS2
Tuesday, December 195:30 PM@ New York IslandersSNW/ESPN+/Hulu
Thursday, December 215:30 PM@ New JerseySNW/ESPN+/Hulu
Friday, December 225:30 PM@ New York RangersSNW/TVAS/ESPN+/Hulu
Thursday, December 288:30 PM@ San JoseSNW
Saturday, December 308:00 PM@ Los AngelesSN/HNIC/TVAS
Sunday, December 316:00 PM@AnaheimSNW

The Oilers start December with a six-game homestand, followed by a trip to the New York area that come with early start times. They then finish the year on a California swing, that ends on New Year’s Eve in Anaheim. The month also also features four US national broadcasts, including a Tuesday match up between Connor McDavid and Connor Bedard.

The start of 2024

January is a bit more brief, with the All-Star break coming at the end of the month. There’s a mix of early starts from east road games along with a home matinee to wrap up the month against Nashville. There’s only one national US broadcast in the month, seeing the McDavid versus Bedard battle once again.

DateTimeOpponentTV Network
Tuesday, January 27:00 PMvs. PhiladelphiaSNW
Saturday, January 68:00 PMvs. OttawaSN/HNIC/TVAS
Tuesday, January 96:30 PM@ ChicagoSNW/ESPN+/Hulu
Thursday, January 115:00 PM@ DetroitSNW
Saturday, January 135:00 PM@ MontrealSN/HNIC/TVAS
Tuesday, January 167:00 PMvs. TorontoSNW/TVAS
Thursday, January 187:00 PMvs. SeattleSNW
Saturday, January 208:00 PM@ CalgarySN/HNIC
Tuesday, January 237:00 PMvs. ColumbusSNW/TVAS
Thursday, January 257:00 PMvs. ChicagoSNW/TVAS
Saturday, January 272:00 PMvs. NashvilleSNW

February is a high exposure month of the Oilers, with four national broadcasts with game against Vegas, Dallas, Boston, and St. Louis. The Oilers also play two matinees over family day weekend, and see another 6:30 PM home start in the St. Louis game.

DateTimeOpponentTV Network
Tuesday, February 68:00 PM@ VegasSNW/TVAS/ESPN+/Hulu
Friday, February 98:00 PM@ AnaheimSNW/TVAS
Saturday, February 108:00 PM@ Los AngelesSN/HNIC/TVAS
Tuesday, February 137:00 PMvs. DetroitSNW/TVAS
Thursday, February 156:00 PM@ St. LouisSNW
Saturday, February 171:00 PM@ DallasSNW/ABC/ESPN+
Monday, February 192:00 PM@ ArizonaSNW
Wednesday, February 218:00 PMvs. BostonSNW/TVAS/TNT
Friday, February 237:00 PMvs. MinnesotaSNW/TVAS
Saturday, February 248:00 PMvs. CalgarySN/HNIC/TVAS
Monday, February 267:30 PMvs. Los AngelesSNW/TVAS
Wednesday, February 286:30 PMvs. St LouisSN/TVAS/TNT

Heading towards the end of the season

The Oilers play another four games in front of US audiences in March, highlighted by matchups with Sidney Crosby, Alex Ovechkin, in addition to the Bruins and Sabres. The eastern swings see early start times while the Oilers have a matinee in Seattle and one at home against the Habs.

DateTimeOpponentTV Network
Saturday, March 22:00 PM@ SeattleSNW
Sunday, March 37:00 PMvs. PittsburghSNW/TVAS
Tuesday, March 55:30 PM@ BostonSNW/TVAS/ESPN+/Hulu
Thursday, March 75:00 PM@ ColumbusSNW
Saturday, March 910:30 AM@ BuffaloSNW/ESPN+/Hulu
Sunday, March 1011:00 AM@ PittsburghSNW/TVAS/TNT
Wednesday, March 138:00 PMvs. WashingtonSNW/TVAS/TNT
Saturday, March 168:00 PMvs. ColoradoSN/HNIC/TVAS2
Tuesday, March 197:00 PMvs. MontrealSNW
Thursday, March 217:00 PMvs. BuffaloSNW
Saturday, March 235:00 PM@ TorontoSN/HNIC
Sunday, March 244:00 PM@ OttawaSNW/TSN5/TVAS
Tuesday, March 266:00 PM@ WinnipegSNW
Thursday, March 287:00 PMvs. Los AngelesSNW
Saturday, March 302:00 PMvs. AnaheimSNW

The Oilers’ regular season ends with a date on ESPN with the Colorado Avalanche. April also includes a TNT matchup with the Vegas Golden Knights with a 6:30 PM start. Overall, the month keeps the Oilers in the west leading to regular game times and pretty standard network viewings heading into the playoffs.

DateTimeOpponentTV Network
Monday, April 17:00 PM@ St. LouisSNW
Wednesday, April 37:00 PM@ DallasSNW
Friday, April 57:00 PMvs. ColoradoSNW/TVAS
Saturday, April 68:00 PM@ CalgarySN/HNIC/TVAS2
Wednesday, April 106:30 PMvs. VegasSN/TNT
Friday, April 127:00 PMvs. ArizonaSNW
Saturday, April 138:00 PMvs. VancouverSN/HNIC
Monday, April 157:30 PMvs. San JoseSNW/TVAS
Wednesday, April 178:00 PM@ ArizonaSNW/TVAS
Thursday, April 187:30 PM@ ColoradoSNW/TVAS/ESPN

The Oilers play 16 games on US National TV, the most of any team in the NHL. Even as a Canadian franchise, the excitement that comes from watching a McDavid and Draisaitl powered offence will provide entertainment value for non-local audiences with key match ups being feature. The Oilers also play their fair share of matinees and see some early local start times, as the league tries to expose it’s best player to more audiences during Primetime hours in the Eastern time zone.

Photo by Curtis Comeau/Icon Sportswire

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