Edmonton Oilers prospect update: Beau Akey

Edmonton Oilers prized prospect, Beau Akey, played three more games this week and he managed to score another goal and assist. Akey has started to bring something to every game now that Oiler fans should be happy to see: consistency.

Consistency and confidence

Akey has brought more and more positive hockey as the week has gone on. He has taken on the minutes he was given in the first five games of the season and has started to look much stronger in the offensive and defensive zones. In week one, I stated that Akey was looking a little bit overwhelmed with the minutes he was receiving as he had become the #1 defenceman for his team. But, as next week has gone on, the young player has started to look very comfortable on the ice in the enormous amount of ice time he has been given.

He has grown more confidence-wise in the defensive zone as he has been much quicker on his rushes out of the zone and his first passes to the forwards. His one-on-one play against players that have the puck on their stick has proven to be much more assertive. He has grown much more comfortable in using it. Akey has not been afraid to be a bit more physical in the corners. As he is still relatively small and very young, it is still harder for him to win puck battles. However, it is a great start he’s on while playing a lot for his team.

Offensively, Akey keeps bringing the playstyle and skill we have expect to see. But he is doing this over the whole 60 minutes of play and not just for moments of the game. He scored two points in three games, but he created a lot more chances on the ice for himself and his teammates. His breakout passing and puck rushing has led to good forechecks and cycles for his team. It has helped in a defensive manner as well because, in my opinion, the best way to defend at times is to keep the puck out of your own zone.

I believe the best part of how Akey has adjusted his game is how it has created consistency over each game. He has played more consistent every game and has been getting better as he has gained more experience. His second week of the season has gone even better than his first week.

A nice scouting video on Beau Akey before his Draft year

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