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Hockey This Fortnight Episode 38: It’s A Tough Man’s Game?

Join Steven Darnell, Avry Lewis-McDougall and Megan Fowler as they take their bi-weekly tour around the league.

The Oilers clinched a playoff spot last night, partially on the back of Leon Draisaitl’s 50-goal campaign, and your hosts discuss how important he has been to the team. Ryan Nugent-Hopkins has had a career year, and is 3 points away from 100 points of his own; he’s doing it quite quietly. It is not, however, the quietest milestone the Oilers have seen this year – that would be Connor’s 62 goals. Are there other quiet milestones this season? What about other milestones around the league?

The playoff picture is not set in either conference, and your hosts try to decide which teams will capture wildcard spots. Will the Jets hold on? Can the Flames squeak in? Will the Kraken make the playoffs, and if they don’t is it still a successful season? What about the Penguins? Can Sidney Crosby make some noise in the twilight of his career?

Your hosts also discuss Pride Nights and some of the controversy surrounding players who choose not to participate in their teams’ initiatives. While it is important to note that the NHL is taking the lead on this, there’s still a long way to go.

For highly personal questions, Megan asks which conspiracy theory everyone low-key believes in. Somehow the answers are simultaneously surprising and not surprising.

Also, send us any fun Oilers-related rumours. We’d love to know what you’ve heard.

Megan Fowler

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