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NHL weekly trade rumours: Notes on Boston Bruins, Shane Pinto, and Connor McDavid

The NHL season may have just started, but rumours and speculations have never stopped. These rumours are the ones we’ve heard about from the last week and from the weeks before. I’ve added some tidbits in there that may hint to future trades.

Notables on waivers

Last week, it was Liam Foudy and, this week, Boston has waived young defenceman Ian Mitchell in order to sign another younger defenceman, Jackson Edward, to an entry level contract. Based on the amount of interest Mitchell had the last time he was on waivers, no one expected any team to pick him up on waivers.

Garland saga continues

Last week it seemed like the Conor Garland saga was nearing an end. Now, it seems like there is going to be a waiting period. Washington is definitely the most interesting in acquiring him so we will see where this will end.

Columbus was also linked to the Garland trade as being a third or fourth team in. It’s been now revealed that Columbus wants to move a heavy defender or are interested in moving one. I wonder if the Edmonton Oilers will find this of some interest since they are hunting for a top-four right-handed, defensive defenceman.

What’s going on with Frost?

According to Elliotte Friedman, it sounds like the tire kicking on Morgan Frost is continuing. The player has been healthy scratched a few times although there hasn’t been much news of any negativity going on in the dressing room. It seems like John Tortorella is not the biggest fan of the player

Pinto’s hefty suspension

Now we have found out what all this Shane Pinto business was all about: gambling, in a third party sense. The player has come out with an apology and he will be suspended for 41 NHL games. Now the question remains if he will be signed by the Ottawa Senators now or later. We will see!

Oilers’ fourth line

As mentioned last week on Oilers now, Friedman and Bob Stauffer believe the Oilers are on the hunt for a fourth line centre and a top four defensive defenceman. Based on how the team has started, it seems a shock like a trade is exactly what the team needs.

Also, the Oilers and Washington have gone quiet on any trade talks regarding Nic Dowd and Nick Jensen. This isn’t something that is over. It is something that has stalled for now it seems.


Hold onto your horses, but it seems pretty likely that Connor McDavid will be healthy and ready to go for the Heritage Classic on Sunday. Bob Stauffer has been hinting and mentioning quite a bit (On Oilers Now) that, on Sunday, it will have been a week since McDavid had been injured. Apparently his injury was only one to two weeks. Perhaps he plays?

Actually I will take a leap of faith. I’m going to say he will most definitely play. McDavid has shown in the past that he can return from injuries really quick since he’s such a fast healer. Coach Jay Woodcroft also said that McDavid has been skating the last two to three days and has been getting better each day. I believe we will find out tomorrow, during practice, if he will be playing or not.

Until next time!

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