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Hockey This Fortnight Episode 34: Them’s Fighting Words

Join Steven Darnell, Avry Lewis-McDougall and Megan Fowler as they discuss the Oilers’ recent success, what they need to get over the hump, the feel-good stories of Vincent Desharnais and Matt Berlin, whether or not players should be penalized for saying questionable things on the ice, and whether or not anyone has the ability to get angry enough to punch someone.

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It’s been a minute since we’ve had a podcast (or a post to go with an episode), but we are back and will heopefully be able to maintain our bi-weekly schedule now that the holidays are past. One of the things we talk a lot about in this episode is whatever transpired between Trevor Zegras and Troy Stecher on January 28.

We had quite a spirited talk about the Oilers putting backup goalie Matt Berlin in the game and whether or not it’s disrespectful to the Blackhawks (spoiler: it’s not). Besides, who doesn’t love a feel-good story from a team that isn’t known for its great PR moves?

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