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Hockey This Fortnight Episode 32: The Jesse Puljujarvi Conundrum

Join Steven Darnell, Avry Lewis-McDougall and me for a rather extensive discussion of the Oilers’ current situation, especially surrounding goaltending and Jesse Puljujarvi. There are no easy answers for what ails them, though the goaltending controversy is probably easier to deal with than the Jesse issue. Is it a confidence question? Does he actually fit in with the rest of the team? Is it a language issue? There are many more questions than there are answers, and it’s going to take some serious work to sort it out. The solution may be a trade, though at this point it’s hard to know what the return might be.

Hockey This Fortnight Episode 37: Post-Orgy Edition Oil Rig Radio: Hockey This Fortnight

Join Steven Darnell, Megan Fowler and (a very late) Avry Lewis-McDougall for a discussion of offside reviews, how Mattias Ekholm is Ken Holland's Adam Larsson, whether or not the Oilers can win a Stanley Cup with Skinner and Campbell, who will and won't make the playoffs in the West, why James Reimer is wrong, and which movies should be recast with Muppets.
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The second half of the show is heavily focused on the Oilers roster construction compared to the elite teams in the league and the fact that nothing is all that different from the pre-McDavid days. Sure, they’ve made the playoffs a couple times, but they haven’t won anything despite having the two highest scorers in the league over the last 3 seasons.

Also, for those of you who heard the end of our last episode, you know that Steven promised to crush a watermelon between his thighs if we got 50 RTs of our tweet about the episode itself. We did that, so he’s going to make that happen. I, for one, can’t wait.

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