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Hockey This Fortnight Episode 36: Trades and Armchair GMs and Jack Campbell, Oh My!

Join your favourite podcasters (Steven Darnell, Avry Lewis-McDougall and Megan Fowler) for a lengthy conversation about this year’s trade deadline. We don’t touch on everything that happened, but since this was a lot more active than many recent deadlines there were some things to talk about.

One of the most interesting non-events was Erik Karlsson not being asked to waive his NMC. We talk at length about whether or not that trade was even feasible, and whether or not Edmonton is a destination to which the biggest stars would be willing to come.

Another topic of discussion is Jack Campbell. He’s been underwhelming this year, and has definitely not lived up to his contract. The $5 million cap hit hurts most when put beside his stats (an .882 SV% just isn’t good enough at any price), or when compared to either Mikko Koskinen or Mike Smith’s numbers from last year.

Stay tuned to find out which old man habit Steven has adopted, and what cave paintings your hosts would leave behind if they were transported back to the Stone Age.

Megan Fowler

Teacher. Reader. Writer. Packers. Oilers. Taylor Hall. Patrick Marleau apologist. Steve Simmons called me a genius @garbagefirepod Spoilers, I guess, whatever.

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