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Edmonton Oilers Fit Check: Fall 2022 Edition

Professional athletes, more specifically NHL players, are in a relatively unique position. Young, in great shape, lots of money, and thoroughly in the public eye, a rare combination of traits that has allowed for a red carpet-like pageantry to precipitate over the years.

Despite hockey’s more conservative fashion history, with the growth of the league and the game itself, the prevalence of social media and pregame coverage, the surveillance state of our day to day lives, and North America’s growing appetite for both fashion and celebrity, even NHL players are trending more towards being fashion icons than might have been predicted the last time the Edmonton Oilers won a Stanley Cup.

Yes, it’s true that even the flashiest dressers of the NHL might lag behind worlds of Hollywood, professional soccer, or the NBA, but already through the fall portion of the 2022–23 season, the Oilers have shown enough looks to inspire our very own lookbook here at the Oil Rig. The Oilers have been making waves, inspiring stolen glances across the continent, even as far as Florida. Let’s take a gander at what all the fuss is about.

Nurse keeps it classy, yet reliable

Symbolising his tried and true game (no time for the Darnell Nurse haters to be honest), the fearless leader of the Oilers blueline is keeping it classy and reliable off the ice. When you’re hot, you’re hot, and it’s near impossible to mess up the simplicity of a tailored all-black suit with a white shirt.

When it’s game time, the AirPods are in and the zone is being reached. The only thing that might improve this look is a nice, fully grown beard from a quartet of playoff series.

The jacket, the high end duffle, another suit in hand, a large and bold watch face, even a coffee, there’s always a lot on Nurse’s plate, on or off the ice, yet we see him carry it all with composure and grace. Between that, the scars, and a bit of a mean mug, this shows Nurse at his best. Confident, unflappable, striding towards the future, a true leader that the Oilers rely heavily upon.

Yamamoto striped with confidence and tenacity

Freshly minted to a new contract, there is quite a lot to like about Kailer Yamamoto’s work on and off the ice.

Ah, remember the sun? This pinstripe suit earns top marks, classic and clean, with an understated flair. Yamamoto contrasts that a few ways with a few subtle modern elements, going with a lighter grey base colour, no tie, and an undone top button.

Not many can, or should, pull off the goatee but Yamamoto shows some promise here. Perhaps we’ll see more of a commitment in this area going forward, which would be a worthwhile endeavour.

The goatee can often be associated with a more old school type, equal parts rugged and wise, just as much as it can be associated with an ilk more smooth and deceptive, a magician or wizard. Yamamoto’s on ice play does mirror this dichotomy. With his share of skills, Yamamoto’s game has become more and more reliant on his will, going into contested ice with tenacity. It was a tough start to the season for Yamamoto, and being out with an injury, but his presence is felt just the same.

Here we see more of the same suit. Stripes are said to make one look taller, fitting for Yamamoto who plays bigger than his size. The black accessories really tie the look together, as despite often being standard issue, function as a nice accent.

Tall, dark, and broody Draisaitl

Leon Draisaitl has been bringing the heat on and off the ice for years now, the game is on point. Truly one of the best in the league in his own right.

Clean and simple, a timeless look for a timeless talent. A rugged frame with a refined talent of quality and sophistication. We catch but a glimpse here. Dark, brooding almost, within the coiffed but flowing edges of coat, collar, hair.

Though Draisaitl has the looks to feasibly pull off a role as Bruce Wayne, a hockey example might be Peter Forsberg. Not many can fire a backhand pass, tape to tape, cross seam, like Draisaitl’s vintage assist against the Coyotes in an 8–2 win on December 7.

Broberg’s flo is just the tip of the iceberg

The players on rookie deals have a long way to go before keeping pace with the off ice performances of their teammates, but just like Philip Broberg’s recent on-ice play, this shows us a lot of potential.

To start, the hair gives Broberg a strong baseline to work from, no notes. The sand-copper tie likens back to the bronze on the Oilers’ jerseys in years past.

Watching his step as he leaves the plane, so too is Broberg arriving to a full time NHL role. Perhaps, once he finds his footing on this new horizon, a raised level of on-ice play and a well earned raise on his second contract will see a similar progression for the rising talent.

Just imagine Broberg-Bouchard as the top pair in an Oilers copper reverse retro. Glorious.

A stylish tandem: the Broth Brothers

Now aren’t these two Starsky and Hutch? First and foremost, Stuart Skinner. An iconic moustache already, truly top tier. The thin lapel, patterned shirt, flowing slicked back hair, has him looking like a musician or cast member of That 70s Show.

Not to be forgotten, Jack Campbell goes with a pretty funky throwback as well. Coffees in hand, it’s hard not to wonder if we don’t look our best when among friends.

In the heat we get a look at the ankles and a bold hat, not to mention an even bolder pattern on pattern thanks to the pants. There might be some missteps on the way, but it’s clear to see that things are looking good for the hometown ‘tendy.

The photo with Campbell and the dog really shows us how well the colours of the tie and suit combine, while showing off a bit of flare on the sleeve design and the watch.

Campbell is resilient, and has had more than his shares of ups and downs on the ice. Despite the tumultuous start to his Oilers tenure, there are most definitely better days ahead. The important thing is that the Oilers have a tandem that looks good together.

Kane’s matching bold style and personality

Simply put, one of the most notorious outfits across the league early through the 2022–23 season. Bold to a degree scarcely seen, the pristine white of the shoes and shirt only add to colour and striping, the large lapels.

McDavid’s suit is as seamless as his game

Grey, navy, and black, three staple colours, watching something else pass from the corner of his eye as he races up the NHL record books. In a league with incredible goal scorers racking up gaudy totals, Connor McDavid is perhaps most likely of all to win the Rocket Richard trophy for most goals. Even with this tight glimpse, it’s easy to see the shirt, coat, and tie fitting seamlessly.

Holloway? More like Hollywood

Dylan Holloway is looking to make his mark on the lineup, but early into his career there have been positive signs. For one, this patterned grey suit adorns an all-black set underneath, solid and unified. It mirrors his game on the ice, where a functional offensive tool kit adorns the makings of a strong defensive contributor.

The watch is a nice touch, though perhaps there might be a glimpse of an outfit with more brown in the future.

Once more, a lot of good signs from Holloway here. A different bold watch face and a determined look in his eyes.

A well put together pair of defencemen

The pair of veteran journeymen, familiar to many fans across Canada, have found a nice home for themselves on the Oilers. Even the Conference Final run from a season ago was a great moment in their careers, adding to their resumes still, here in what is presumably their mid to late stages. The duo have had a while to learn what works and what doesn’t, providing some strong entries here.

Down to the bag, the black of the belt and hat together, the subtle corduroy pattern, Cody Ceci’s luxurious monochrome beige get up is good for full marks. Seriously, this might as well be a Canada Goose ad starring the top pair defenceman in his third Canadian NHL city. No surprise this bird knows how to fly.

In the midst of what might be the best season of recent memory, Tyson Barrie rocks the shades in a great jacket and scarf combination.

Here, we see the pair together, put together nicely for pre-game. It’s a fun tie from the burley, barrel chested Ceci.

Striking contrasts between some young players

A thin tie, a Men in Black simple suit, the AirPods, and a pregame smile, Ryan McLeod should be feeling as good as he looks. The “keep it simple” defensive centre is surely bound to command more icetime by bringing more of this concise and effective mindset.The subtle texture of the tie is a tasteful flourish.

One of many suits made of this square, window pane pattern, Evan Bouchard combines an in creative tie. Extra points for the handkerchief, of course, with the sleeves of both shirt and coat tailored nicely.

We see McLeod’s suit once more, this time alongside Bouchard in an elegant white jacket. Sleek, bold, and extravagant, a style worthy of a man who’s slap shots have their own nickname. The pair of young Oilers coming into their own is exactly what fans want to see.

Hyman keeping it sleek and subtle

This is nice work from Zach Hyman, an off-black, deep purple perhaps, coat is a splash of personality here. The workmanlike winger and children’s author shows us that there might be more than meets the eye, not to judge a book by its cover. It’s not quite Stuart Skinner level, but the moustache shows some promise for Hyman should he elect to go down that path.

Another classic yet sophisticated pairing

Jesse Puljujarvi is ready for business, though still a fresh faced young man. There is a lot ahead yet, but like Nurse and McLeod, and maybe exactly like Hyman’s suit above, Puljujarvi fills out a classic black and white look well.

Devin Shore comes in strong here as well, with a grey, buttoned down variation. It is a collar folding at a strange angle in this action shot, but it does look like Shore could pull off an extra large collar were he to find a more adventurous mood.

Honourable fit check mention: Ryan Smyth

The legend of the heart and soul winger grows with another strong addition to his resume. Honoured by the Oilers, Smyth breaks out a clean and classic look for the ceremony here. It is great to see him living his best life, flow still blowing in the wind, a smile across his face. With a symbolic poppy of remembrance, aptly reminding us to not only honour the truth of the past, but also to learn from it as best we can.

The Oilers are dressed for success

In all, there will be new challenges, obstacles, and storylines ahead for the Oilers in the season to come. At the very least, the team is dressed for success and looking their best for the journey ahead.

Photos from @EdmontonOilers on Twitter

Featured photo by Brett Holmes/Icon Sportswire

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