Edmonton Oilers

Hockey This Fortnight: Episode 29

Join hosts Steven Darnell, Avry Lewis-McDougall and Megan Fowler for a look into the Oilers first 5 games, take a look around the league at some surprises and disappointments, and answers to some highly personal questions.

Episode 29 here.

This iteration of the podcast was launched in May 2021, with Megan, Avry and Alex Thomas hosting. They brought Steven in to help balance some of the discussion and, after Alex’s departure to the AHL, kept him on as host because he’s way better prepared than Megan could ever have been.

We hope you enjoy listening to the podcast as much as we like creating it. You can find links to previous episodes here.

Megan Fowler

Teacher. Reader. Writer. Packers. Oilers. Taylor Hall. Patrick Marleau apologist. Steve Simmons called me a genius @garbagefirepod Spoilers, I guess, whatever.

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